On Cloud 9 while reading personalised StarandRead book


Date : 08-03-2018


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I will definitely be on cloud 9 if I read a story book and if that story revolves around ME😍😍 Won’t you feel the same?

Sow the seed of good reading habbit

How to expand your child's imagination exceptionally?

Date : 08-11-2017

Author: Sapna Nimkar

Reading, among all, is the best hobby one can have. If you have a good book in hand, then for that time being, you need nothing else in the world...

Restore the habit of reading in Children through personalized story books

Date : 15-06-2017

In the generation of 3D gaming consoles, tablets and Wi-Fi, reading books is more like a fading hobby amongst the younger most generation...

Let Your Kids Star In Their Own Story Books

Date : 12-05-2017

Author: Shreeja Chatterjee

As a child, have you ever wanted to go on a magical quest to find some long lost treasure? Or have you used your living room drapes as vines to swing about like Tarzan?....

Each story is unique, just like your child

Date : 05-02-2017

We create a unique story for each unique kid. No two adventures are the same, thanks to our treasure map technology......

Gift your child the greatest adventure ever!

Date : 10-01-2017

There is no gift more thoughtful, more precious than a book. But can you improve upon the perfect gift? Maybe you can. By making the book, as unique as the child, by making them the star of their own book.....

Welcome to StarandRead!

Date : 08-12-2016

Once upon a time, two friends wondered how to get their kids back to the wonderful world of reading. The magical answer they came up and decided to share with the world is StarandRead!....