Reading, among all, is the best hobby one can have. If you have a good book in hand, then for that time being, you need nothing else in the world.
It is said that you never learn something quite well unless you experience it yourself.

With reading, one can actually delve into a world full of experiences and learn a lot without actually being in those situations.
An active mind needs so much more than stagnant TV shows, video games and web series. It needs the necessary nutrients to survive that only a fertile book can provide.

A good and persistent habit of reading can be developed in early stages of childhood, when a child's growing imagination needs a bigger world to thrive.
Once the seed of this habit is sown, the child is blessed by the fruits throughout their life.
The most efficient way of building this habit is to develop an interest. It has been proved that children are attracted more to colours and visual depiction than mere words.

So how to make reading interesting for a child? How to get a child to take reading as a habit?

StarandRead is here to make it easy for us.
We have brought forward a simple yet amazingly effective idea to help children maintain interest in reading.
Our concept is to introduce children with unique personalized books, in which the children themselves can be the lead character of good moral stories.
This way, a child will be more excited to read the story and finish it. Thus helping in building a strong connection with books at early age.

It's simple, in initial stages, provide children with books that can surely build interest in them. Gradually they come to realize they are enjoying reading these books.

Storybooks from StarandRead are more effective and interesting than other picture books because seeing their own name and photo as the lead character, the child is instantly able to connect to the story.

This will help them imagine the story more vividly, building a connection with characters and thus will take them through the initial journey of building a reading habit.

We have wonderful collection of stories for children of age between 2 and 8 years. One can preview the personalised story within seconds to choose the best one for their child.

Introducing a child to good stories as early as 2 to 4 years of age and helping them understand the morals behind a story will build healthy and strong qualities such as kindness, empathy, respect, compassion, vivid imagination, creativity, maturity, quick learning ability and much more.

Remember, one can always replace visuals, cartoons and movie experiences with books. But it is nearly impossible to replace an experience that has been sparked by a book.
Because you only live once, and with books you live many lives in one lifetime!