As a child, have you ever wanted to go on a magical quest to find some long lost treasure? Or have you used your living room drapes as vines to swing about like Tarzan? Sure, you’ve come to learn that you will never be the hero who traverses the oceans to find buried treasure or a princess who is rescued by her Prince Charming from a metaphorical dragon. But your child doesn’t know this. For them the world is still a fascinating place, filled with mystique and wonder. So why not let them read about themselves in an actual, printed story book?

StarandRead does just that. This Singapore-based publishing house specializes in “Personalized Books for Kids”, which make your child the centre of any book’s narrative. They gets to read about their own adventures. StarandRead also incorporates pictures of your kids into the books to create a truly unique and personalized story book for kids. These customized story books are sure to make your child the centre of everyone’s attention (including their favorite fictional characters). Your child gets to go on magical quests and star in their own story with their favorite characters. If your child is a big fan of the popular children’s cartoon “Chota Bheem”, StarandRead can also create a completely personalized book incorporating your child as the central character as they go on wild adventures with Bheem and his posse. How many kids can say that they’ve been the star of a “Chota Bheem” book?

“How is it any different from reading about fictional characters? Why should I get personalized books?” You might be tempted to ask. Well, for one, we have a definitive answer. It creates more engagement with the book. If a child is revealed as the central character of a book, the child will be tempted to flip the page and find out more about their course through the book. And before you know it, they will be asking for more. Reading is perhaps the most fundamental character-building activities a child can take up. Not only is the child vicariously leading a life of adventure, they are taught about moral decisions. They make mental inferences about the choices of the characters. Reading from a very young age also ensures vocabulary-building and an increase in concentration.

A personalized gift is also a perfect gifting idea. You can expect to become the child’s favorite aunt or uncle if you gift them something they star in.

So what are you waiting for? Your child is already the star in your life; let them be the star in their own story books.