How did it all begin

Once upon a time, two friends were talking about their kids. One said “My daughter has lost interest in reading! All she cares about is playing games on the phone or watching TV.”

They started talking about how to get kids back into reading, throwing ideas back and forth, when all of a sudden, they had a Eureka moment! Wouldn’t it be fun if the kids themselves were the heroes of the story! Maybe that would get them back to reading!

They started working immediately on their crazy idea. They worked for short days and long nights, and after much jabberwock, dozens of vats of coffee and hundreds of pieces of crumpled paper, they came up with a book which was a perfect blend of personalized storytelling and technology.

A wonderful magical book that was the adventure their kids had always wanted! They shared it with their friends, and when their friends loved it too, they decided to share it with the rest of the world as StarandRead, magical personalized books, where kids are the stars!

All you need to do is enter your child’s name, upload a photo and voila! You can see the free preview! If you like the preview and decide to buy a book, no matter where you live, from London to Tokyo, we deliver it to you within 10-15 days, with no shipping charges!