I will definitely be on cloud 9 if I read a story book and if that story revolves around ME😍😍 Won’t you feel the same? Well my niece is definitely on cloud 9 while reading this story book by @StarandRead in which the story revolves around her. She is reading the story about Hea (my niece’s name) and the missing painting.. She was so surprised and happy at the same time when I gave this book to her and her reaction was, “ Wow.. this book has my photo.. and the story is about me”

Personalised children’s books have proliferated in recent years as developments in printing technology have made then easier and cheaper to produce – and as big brand kids’ characters have cashed in on the craze. Done well, they can be a great keepsake present.

I must say, Thank you @StarandRead for making this amazing story book for my niece. I loved the concept of @StarandRead of personalizing these story books which helps the kids in developing interest in reading at an early age.

They have some really interesting stories which can be personalized. The quality of the book is excellent and also amazing customer care service.

So all the mommies out here, if you want your child to develop interest in reading books, then introduce them to StarandRead story books and I am sure they are gonna love it. Go check out StarandRead for some unique personalized story books.