Each story is unique, just like your child

There are millions of kids in the world. One might love strawberry ice-cream, another might like chocolate. One might love to keep his nose buried in a book, another can’t wait to rush out with friends and create mayhem in the neighbourhood. And each of them will walk down their own path in life, paved with unexpected delights and unforeseen potholes.

So, we decided to create a unique story for each unique kid. Our book turns your little one into a grand adventurer, travelling the world on a magical flying horse. But no two adventures are the same, thanks to our treasure map technology. It generates a unique story for every child, with its own twists and turns. Each time you dive in, there’s a surprise waiting. Every time, there will be something new.

John from London might encounter dragons at the Great Wall of China, while Tomoko from Tokyo could hang out with penguins at the South Pole. Sahil from Delhi might find a magic lamp buried under the yellow sands of the Arabian Desert, while Winnie from Singapore could run into a majestic pirate queen battling a fierce sea monster.

A brother and sister, creating their personal StarandRead, will have two distinct paths to the destination, with distinct milestones, meet different characters and fantastic creatures, in their quest to recover the lost painting.

This uniqueness is in addition to the thrill of seeing your child’s name and photo in the book. We currently have more than 15,000 possible storybooks. Our team of writers and artists is working full time to reach a million unique books by the end of this year.

Gift your kids a StarandRead Book today, the and see them set off on their very own journey!